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First Green Costa Rica Flights Arrive from Mexico


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With all the announcements of the many airlines that will either begin or increase their flights to Costa Rica, it’s great to hear that one airline has gone green. In an effort to offer more sustainable flights, Aeromexico’s green flights have begun arriving in Costa Rica as of Tuesday 27th September.   

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Costa Rica flights from Mexico go green

Using bio-fuel, the Aeromexico aircraft will save more than two tons of carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to a traditional flight using environmentally damaging fossil fuel. According to calculations a return trip from Mexico to Costa Rica has a saving of 1,437 kilos of fuel and 4.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions if bio-fuel is used.

The Biofuel is composed of a mixture of jet fuel and from the oilseed plant Jatropha Curcas.  Boeing Commercial Airplanes who is providing the biofuel used for this flight, has repeatedly stated that the development of sustainable biofuel is strategic plan and has long worked closely with other industry players, such as academic institutions, governments and environmental organizations, to accelerate the availability of sustainable fuel sources and low carbon emissions. Mexico’s aviation industry expects bio-fuels to account for 1 percent of the fuel used in 2015 and 15 percent by 2020.

According to Enrique Sandoval, Commercial Manager for Aeromexico, Costa Rica will be the first Latin American country where these “green” flights will land. “Costa Rica has a great commitment to the environment and this is why it was chosen,” He added.


Costa Rica does not offer bio-fuel for aircraft

The first 737 Boeing “green flight” with 130 passengers arrived on Tuesday the 27th September at the Juan Santamaria airport. Sandoval highlighted the fact that the return flight from Costa Rica would be with ordinary fuel as the country does not yet offer bio-fuel for aircraft.