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An extended Costa Rica vacation – relocating to paradise!

Costa Rica is not only a popular beach and sun vacation destination, escaping the concrete jungle may be a dream for many, but the “Pura Vida” life has become a reality for a lucky few. An article published in PROA magazine on Sunday 9th October details how many expats have left their fast paced lives in Europe and North America and are living in Costa Rica. Those interviewed are quick to point out that Costa Ricans should be more appreciative of their surroundings.

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A Costa Rica vacation turns from weeks into years

La Nacion journalist, Alonso Mata Blanco opens his report with the story of Marc Hauser a 53 year old American who visited Costa Rica for a two week vacation 19 years ago, and never left.  “It was love at first site, seduced by the mountains, the absence of an army, the warmth of the people and of the sea, more than anything the sea.”  Blanco lives in Playa Hermosa, Puntarenas and he’d only been in Costa Rica for three days when he knew he wanted to stay.

He called his wife and told her to come. She asked him, “What happens if I don’t like it?” Blanco told her not to worry, that she would love it and she did. Marc Hauser is the owner of the successful restaurant I Love Sushi in Playa Jaco. Hauser has no plans to return to Florida and explains, “There are always great waves here and the water is always warm. If theres a paradise, this is it.”

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A family from Europe take an extended Costa Rica vacation

For the Tivalaho family the idea of relocating to Costa Rica allowed them to escape the four month long and dark winters of Finland and enjoy the plentiful sun of Playa Hermosa and Conchal in Guanacaste. Laura and Timo and their three children, Risto aged 9, Tumoas aged 7 and Jaakko aged 5 arrived in Costa Rica in December and have no plans to return to their homeland. Although they recognize that their savings will run out soon.

Costa Rica was the perfect destination for them, despite the distance. Thanks to its political stability, wildlife and excellent educational facilities for their children. “Here I have learnt to walk slow and to enjoy the sunsets,” explained Laura.