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Parasailing Tour in Manuel Antonio: An Elevating Costa Rican Adventure

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Buckle up your life jacket and hook up your harness, you’re ready for a fearless adventure of incredible elevation, parasailing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

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This adrenalin pumping Costa Rica tour begins on the crescent shoreline of Playa Espadilla Norte, just a few minutes north of the award winning vacation destination of Manuel Antonio National Park.



Adrenalin and altitude, an epic Costa Rica adventure tour

With waves whipping at the boat as it gradually picks up speed, a billowing parasail lifts you high up into the sky from the sandy shoreline.  Propped up by gentle coastal winds, your twenty-minute tour leads you along Costa Rica’s spectacular Central Pacific coast.

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Reaching exhilarating heights of 600 feet, you’ll want to try to take in every detail of the never ending views as your face is wrapped in soothing coastal breezes.  Look below and beyond and enjoy a landscape that truly defines Costa Rica: an untarnished, vibrant tropical shoreline abundant with fascinating flora and fauna.

And as your Costa Rica parasailing trip into the skies comes to an end, get ready for a gentle descent and refreshing water landing close to the Manuel Antonio shore.



Parasailing Costa Rica adventure tour

·         Parasailing adventure tours run throughout the year from 9 a.m. to 5p.m, weather permitting.

·         You can enjoy this coastal flight on your own, in pairs, or even with three people.

·         This is a Costa Rica adventure tour that is all inclusive, suitable for all the family from four years old to eighty, including people with physical disability.

·         A fully licensed tour company with an impeccable safety record.


Want to find out more about the Parasailing adventure tour in Manuel Antonio? Contact Escape Villas at or toll free at 1-888-771-2976 for more information.