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Whale Watching Season Begins in the South Pacific, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Humpback whale and calf (Megaptera novaeangliae), South Pacific
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Have you always wanted to see a hump back whale? Well here’s your chance.  After travelling an incredible 8000 kilometers, these beautiful creatures of the deep have begun to arrive in the warm waters of the South Pacific of Costa Rica to give birth and raise their calves.

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An Exciting Whale Watching Eco-Adventure Tour

Exciting whale watching tours are available from July to December, guiding you out to Drake Bay, Caño Island, and the beautiful Costa Rican beaches of Playa Dominical and Playa Bahia Ballena in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.  Spritely resident dolphins will ride the waves alongside you as you head out to the deep blue waters of the South Pacific.

It wont be long before you see these giants of the sea erupt out of the waves and crash onto the rippling ocean’s

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surface, an impressive feat considering an adult hump back can grow to up to 15 meters in length and weigh an incredible 25 to 30 tons. A true sight to behold, this is the ultimate eco adventure tour for the whole family.


A Whales Tail in the South Pacific of Costa Rica

A naturally formed sandbar in the shape of a whale’s tail, one of Mother Nature’s strange coincidences can be found at the Marino Ballena National Park. The two fluked tail is a natural homage to the resident dolphins and visiting humpbacked whales that are abundant in these warm waters.

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