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Concerts in Costa Rica—Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam to Play in San Jose


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It looks like San Jose, Costa Rica is the place to be!  The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam have announced their plans to rock out the recently inaugurated National Stadium in La Sabana in only a few months short months.

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If you’re planning a vacation to Costa Rica and will be passing through San Jose, check out the following Costa Rica music concert dates.  This is just one example of the fantastic Costa Rica activities that await you!


Around the world, Red Hot Chili Peppers coming to Costa Rica

Dust down your trusted old R.H.C.P t-shirt because Anthony Keidis, Flea and Chad are coming to beautiful Costa Rica! In what promises to be an unforgettable, energy-filled Costa Rica rock funk fest, the Red Hot Chili Peppers will play Costa Rica’s National Stadium in La Sabana, San Jose on the 12th of September 2011.

The funkadelic rock band makes their much anticipated return to Costa Rican soil after nine years. Their last concert in Costa Rica was on the 2nd of October 2002.

Evenpro, the event organizer, said that it was the band themselves that decided on a the Costa Rica concert, “Its no secret that Costa Rica has a special place in the bands hearts, they are surfers, they love the beach and since 2002 when they last played there, they fell in love with the country,” affirmed Andrés Guanipa, spokesperson for Evenpro.

The announcement was made on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers official website and comes after band member Flea responded to a Costa Rican’s request on Twitter, “We will be in Costa Rica before you know it!”

The Costa Rica concert forms part of the American band’s, “By The Way” tour through Latin America where they are set to visit Colombia, Chile, Brasil, Peru and Argentina.

Tickets for the Red Hot Chili Peppers are on sale from the 18th of July.  Ticket prices range from $35 to $90 for VIP seats.


Pearl Jam is Alive and Coming to Costa Rica!

The rock band that rose out of the Seattle grunge scene in the 90’s has confirmed they will play in Costa Rica on the

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20th of November.  The Costa Rica Pearl Jam concert will take place in the recently inaugurated national stadium. Eddie Vedder and his crew have organized a tour through Central and South America, kicking off on the 4th of November in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moving on to Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. A date for when tickets will go on sale is yet to be confirmed.