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Costa Rica to Receive 2 Hard Rock Café Restaurants!

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Welcome news for rock and roll enthusiasts in Costa Rica—the world famous Hard Rock Café has announced that it will be opening its first two restaurants in Costa Rica in 2012.

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Looking to position itself amongst the best Costa Rican restaurants, Tom Perez, the Director of Franchise Operations for Hard Rock Café made the announcement on the 26th May after finalizing six months of negotiations.

Get ready for Rock and Roll Dining in Costa Rica!

Eager to cash in on Costa Rica’s rapidly growing tourism industry, the Hard Rock Café has identified two key areas of significant growth. Although Perez did not wish to specify the exact locations of the restaurants, he confirmed that the San Jose downtown center and the beautiful Guanacaste province are the regions where Hard Rock is expected to be located.  So, if you love rock and roll, and are planning a Costa Rican vacation, the Hard Rock Café might be one of the best places to eat in Costa Rica.

With an initial investment of $2 million and a total area of 600 m2, the first Costa Rican Hard Rock Café, which will include a concert area and souvenir store, is expected to open by the end of the year.

It’s only rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it!

The American rock-themed restaurants are known for their collections of rock and roll memorabilia. Often donated or

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purchased at auction, autographed guitars, stage outfits and rare photographs line the Hard Rock Café walls.  It is hoped that a few items from the 70,000 held in the Hard Rock’s archive will find their way into the Costa Rican Hard Rock Cafes.

Two Hard Rock Cafes in Costa Rica add to the franchises worldwide tally.

Not counting the two soon-to-be Hard Rock Cafes in Costa Rica, there are currently 162 Hard Rock Cafes around the world. London is the location of the first restaurant, opened in 1971. Eric Clapton started off the memorabilia trend after donating his fender guitar, and was shortly followed by Pete Townshend of The Who, who donated one of his own with a note quipping, “ Mine’s as good as his. Love Pete.”

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