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Reach for the sky with the Flying Boat Tour, in Quepos, Manuel Antonio

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Is it a bird, is it a plane? No…. it’s a flying boat, in-fact, the only flying boat in Costa Rica.  Buckle up and get ready for the journey of your life with the ultra light flying boat tour in Quepos, Manuel Antonio.

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Departing from the Quepos estuary, you’ll speed down a long strip of water before picking up momentum and pulling up into the sky.

Tour Costa Rica from the skies

Skimming over the blue pacific, waters you’ll fly along the contours of the stunning Costa Rican coastal landscape. Lined with white sandy beaches, dense jungle and an abundance of tropical wildlife, this is the best way to experience this paradise country’s natural delights.  Look out for the resident dolphins and visiting whales! If you’re lucky, you’ll them as you travel across sea.

Up, up and across the ocean waves !

Flying over the award winning beach vacation destination of Manuel Antonio National Park and the mangrove

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estuaries of Damas Island, this is an exhilarating bird’s eye adventure tour that encompasses a large portion of Costa Rica’s stunning pacific coast.

Flying Boat eco adventure tour in Quepos, Manuel Antonio


With tours ranging from 15 minutes to one hour the trilingual, fully qualified ultra light plane instructor will be with you from take off to landing.  Safety is paramount on this tour, a harness and helmet must be worn throughout the flight and you will have constant communication with the instructor via an intercom system.

Taking your Costa Rica vacation to new levels this is an eco adventure tour you’re sure to remember for years to come.

The tour has limited availability.