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Destination Weddings in Costa Rica—A Growing Industry

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Costa Rica’s growing popularity as a top beach wedding destination was mentioned recently in the Proa supplement of La Nacion, on Sunday the 15th of May. The two page article featured in Costa Rica’s top selling newspaper, titled, “Husband and Wife, Made in Costa Rica,” focused on how the Costa Rica destination wedding industry has continued to grow despite the worldwide economic crisis.

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Setting the Costa Rican Wedding Scene

Thanks to Costa Rica’s diverse landscape, Europeans, Americans and Canadians flock to this tropical paradise to get married in front of a volcano, under the palm trees that line a deserted beach, or in the heart of a Costa Rican rainforest, with monkeys, toucans, iguanas and frogs as their witnesses.

Surviving the Economic Crisis…..All You Need is Love

According to La Nacion’s wedding-themed article, many couples have extravagant weddings, and this has helped

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maintain the flourishing Costa Rican beach wedding industry, which weathered the economic crisis thanks to a little bit of love.

Experienced and professional wedding planners in Costa Rica have transformed the industry. Long gone are the days when the bride had to organize everything herself. The highly recommended reputation of the Costa Rican wedding industry, as well as the glowing reputations of the wedding planners themselves, is a big deciding factor for many couples considering beach weddings.

With the majority of couples bringing only their rings and outfits for the special day, the amazing Costa Rica wedding planners ensure the couples don’t need to lift a finger, organizing everything from the music, flower arrangements, and honeymoon location to the reception menu and legal procedures.

Costa Rica Weddings—Cheaper Than You’d Think

Eduardo Lopez, a wedding photographer in Costa Rica, explained, “The industry is continuously growing and it is one of the few that were not seriously affected by the recent economic crisis. Instead of going to Mexico, to pay a fortune, couples decide on Costa Rica, which is cheaper.”

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Lopez clarified that if couples decide to get married in their own country, it is usually a lot more expensive because of the amount of guests they have to invite. He also said that things like fireworks are a lot cheaper in Costa Rica. In New York the cost of fireworks is about $10,000, and in Costa Rica they rarely cost more than $1,000.

“They choose to get married [in Costa Rica] because of the stability of the country. In 90 minutes, they go from the urban landscape to tropical rainforest or beaches. There are many landscapes that you can get to with just a two hour journey or a twenty minute flight,” continued Lopez, who photographed an incredible 250  Costa Rican weddings in 2010.

The seasons when most people get married vary, with December to May recognized as the Costa Rican wedding high season because of the lack of rain. Low season runs from September to November, and winter discounts are often available during this period.  Many North American and European couples arrive from June to August.

Costa Rican vacation rentals are proving to be a popular choice for destination weddings. With a top notch wedding planner, fantastic concierge service, and easy access to nearby tours, what better way to begin your new life together? If you are looking for the ultimate Costa Rica destination wedding, contact Escape Villas toll free at 1-888-771-2976 or at