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Costa Rica Artist Scott K. Wimer Creates Original Artwork Using Your Vacation Photos

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Costa Rica art is available in many forms all over the country. However, a lot of tourist art and souvenir paintings can start to look the same after awhile. If you are looking for a truly original artistic memento of your vacation in Costa Rica, then Scott K Wimer’s works are a true representation of all that’s beautiful in this popular vacation destination.

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Fresh, vibrant and bold, Scott K. Wimer’s artistic compositions offer a warm insight into Costa Rica culture, as well as the country’s abundance of fascinating flora and fauna.  From  delicately detailed portraits of nature and captured moments of fast-paced city life, to gigantic and colorful  murals, Wimer’s Costa Rican art pieces are refreshingly original, witty and upbeat. Wimer is a self confessed people-watcher, never without his camera, and he is particularly skilled at street photography in the capital city of San Jose Costa Rica.

Wimer explains, “My work depicts a Costa Rican reality that is often over looked or replaced with the postcard fantasy. Through my work I want to pull you into the beautiful reality that is not always picture perfect. But full of interest, hope and wonder,”

Orginally from Wanatah, Indiana, Wimer moved to Costa Rica five years ago, and his story reads like many. Wimer says, “I had lost my health insurance in the USA and needed to keep up with my health care. Costa Rica offered affordable options. After some serious thought I realized that I should just move here. I enjoy living in Costa Rica for

the obvious reasons. The weather, slower lifestyle, and the people. I enjoy being one of the masses hustling about on the streets… Others tend to avoid San Jose at all costs; I am drawn to it and continue to discover many of its hidden treasures and delights.”

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After a successful career in fashion photography during which Wimer traveled the world, he soon realized his real passion lay elsewhere: “I began painting murals and was able to establish myself as a serious artist. Years later I am rediscovering again my photography in the form of digitally manipulated images, as well as editorial and documentary style photos. I have rekindled my flames of passions and my excitement, combining my painting and my photography into a seamless means of expression and discovery.”

Do you have Costa Rica vacation photos that can be transformed into original works of art? Wimer is able to create artistic works using other people’s photographic images, including your pictures of Costa Rica.  All he needs is a suitable digital image to download and permission to create beautiful artwork from your Costa Rica photos.

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Scott K. Wimer’s artwork is far removed from the bland repetitive compositions hanging in nick knack souvenir stores in downtown San Jose. His work is a true example of original art in Costa Rica.

Scott Wimer’s works can be posted around the world.  His art studio is located in Tres Rios, Cartago Costa Rica, open to the public by appointment only.

To view Scott K Wimer’s online gallery, please visit Scott Wimer

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