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Puntarenas Costa Rica Promotes Tourism with $3 Million Swimming Pool Complex

Puntarenas Costa Rica Swimming Pool Complex $3 Million
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The city of Puntarenas Costa Rica is about to get a large addition—a new swimming pool complex! With the hope of encouraging more tourism to the port town of Puntarenas, this 1.5 billion colon beachfront pool complex will include an adult pool, a children’s pool, changing areas, parking, and a two-story combination bar and restaurant.

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The new swimming pool complex in Puntarenas will built in the next year, according to Costa Rican officials, and the job should be completed in 8 months. The construction contract involves the firm Constructora Navarro y Aviles S. A. and the Instituto Costarricense de Puertos del Pacifico (Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Coast Ports). Also participating is the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism), according to officials. The proposed construction site is located on the Puntarenas Centro beachfront in Barrio el Carmen.

The minister of tourism, Carlos Ricardo Benevides, said this project is a priority because Costa Rica’s central government plans to heighten Puntarenas’ allure to tourists and Costa Rican citizens alike. The Gulf of Nicoya, and Puntarenas specifically, is already a popular cruise ship stop, and the docking point for many cruise ships is near the pool complex site. The pool complex will be managed and maintained by a concession holder when completed.

The coastal town of Puntarenas is already a popular weekend trip destination for those Costa Rican nationals. Once Costa Rica’s most important seaport for exporting goods, Puntarenas still functions as a significant fishing port and cruise ship destination.

Puntarenas Costa Rica offers a variety of activities, including eco-adventure tours, sightseeing, and shopping. Along the Paseo del los Turistas (Tourist’s Stroll) you can find a multitude of kiosks selling handmade jewelry and trinkets, as well as some delicious lunch counters serving generous portions of traditional Costa Rica cuisine.