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Costa Rica to Host Medical Tourism International Conference

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Costa Rica will be hosting the 2011 Medical Travel International Business Summit from May 2nd to 4th.  The international medical conference will include a series of roundtable discussions to be held from the 2nd to the 3rd at the Ramada Plaza Herradura Hotel Convention Centre in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. On May 4th participants in the 2011 Medical Travel International Business Summit will travel to the Hilton Papagayo Hotel in the Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste to take part in training workshops and learn more about innovative medical tourism in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica medical tourism has created a unique kind of travel experience and made Costa Rica a medical tourism destination, offering a progressive healthcare system that attracts clients from all over the world. In light of the on-going debate in the United States regarding access to healthcare, medical tourism in Costa Rica is considered to be a reliable, reputable and much cheaper alternative to medical procedures in the States. Costa Rica medical tourism is a great option for uninsured Americans who are not able to afford high medical bills in the United States.

From aesthetic surgery to life saving operations, Costa Rica offers quality medical services that cost up to a third less than in the United States. Inexpensive airfares and Costa Rica’s location—only 3-6 hours by plane from most major U.S gateways—has made Costa Rica medical tourism exceptionally popular with many North Americans.

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The opening of Liberia International Airport has undoubtedly increased the popularity of medical tourism in Costa Rica and the availability of vacation rentals coupled with a quality concierge services are proving to be a popular option for patients recovering from surgical procedure. As a popular vacation destination, Costa Rica boasts pristine white sandy beaches, an abundance of tropical flora and fauna, and spectacular ocean views. Many patients would agree that Costa Rica is the perfect location to make a healthy recovery.

It is interesting to note that 30,000 “health & medical tourists” visited this tropical paradise in 2009, with the most popular medical tourism procedures being done by Costa Rica dentists – cosmetic dentistry including implants and crowns and full mouth reconstruction being the most popular procedures,  orthopedics, and cardiovascular procedures. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica is also a very popular procedure. Clients are so happy with the high quality care, bilingual doctors, and lower fees they actively promote Costa Rica as a medical tourism destination to family and friends.

Dr. Jorge Cortes, President of PROMED, Council for international promotion of Costa Rica Medicine said, “Medical tourism is in its infancy. As more people discover the incredible quality, safety and value of health care in Latin American nations like Costa Rica, they will become a part of the growing trend to seek affordable healthcare, while enjoying a tropical vacation in some of the most stable, beautiful and exotic locations in the world.”

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Lectures to be included in the 2011 Medical Travel Business Summit are “New Market Niches for Medical Tourism” by Dr. Jeff Dugas, and “International Sports Surgeons and Marketing to the American Medical Tourist” by Patrick Goodness, CEO, The Goodness Company: Medical Tourism Marketing.

For more information on the 2011 Medical Travel International Business Summit, dentistry in Costa Rica, plastic surgery in Costa Rica, or other medical procedures, please visit, The Medical Travel Summit.

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