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An elevating Costa Rica tour – Light aircraft adventure in Playa Tamarindo

Looking for a Costa Rica tour that will get your heart racing? Take to the skies on this fantastic Costa Rica adventure in Playa Tamarindo. Flying over nearby towns and beaches, with the mountains and jungle as your backdrop this is an adrenalin pumping Costa Rica adventure of epic heights.  Get ready for the exhilarating Costa Rica gyrocopter tour.

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Costa Rica Gyrocopter Tour flying of Playa Tamarindo
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Up and away with the Costa Rica Gyrocopter Tour

Taking off from Tamarindo airport you’ll rapidly gain altitude. Look out over the pacific coastline as you fly over world famous beaches including Playa Flamingo as well as the Bay of Potrero, Playa Conchal and Playa Las Piratas. Look beyond and you’ll notice the majestic volcanic mountains rise out of the landscape.

Hovering above the ocean waves scan these warm waters for dolphins, whales and even sea turtles as you soar along this beautiful coastline. With a backdrop of rainforest and mountains this is an exciting Costa Rica tour, a once in lifetime opportunity to enjoy a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Costa Rica gyrocopter tour – Playa Tamarindo

Costa Rica Gyrocopter getting ready to take off
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This highly recommended action packed Costa Rica tour in Playa Tamarindo can be tailor made to suit your preferences. All pilots are certified with the local aviation authorities and are highly skilled and experienced.

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