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Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary Makes International Headlines

Baby Sloth at Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary
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The Costa Rican Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita Costa Rica made international headlines in the United Kingdom last November. A Daily Mail article documented the Sloth Sanctuary’s hard work looking after 100 orphaned sloths on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.  The Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary was set up by Luis Arroyo and Judy Avey after their first encounter with an orphaned sloth 18 years ago. From this moment on, the couple became locally known for their sloth caring skills and the creation of a sanctuary was a natural progression.


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Caring for Sloths at Costa Rica Wildlife SanctuaryOrphaned three-toed sloths range from just a few days old up to ten years old. Baby sloths have been hand reared by an experienced team of dedicated volunteers. The Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary works hard to raise awareness of the protection of sloths in Costa Rica. They have developed a rescue and rehabilitation program for sloths and carry out extensive research to ensure their survival throughout the Caribbean. This program in Cahuita, Limon, is one of many wildlife conservation initiatives in Costa Rica.

Sloths can be found in many parts of Costa Rica including the Central and South Pacific. Although these leaf-eating animals are nutritiously timid, visitors to Manuel Antonio National Park and its surrounding areas are likely to encounter these strange and beautiful creatures. Sloths can live up to 40 years and can grow to just under two feet in length. Living amongst the tropical canopy, sloths eat sleep and give birth whilst hanging from the tree tops; they are the world’s slowest mammal.

Sloth at Costa Rica Wildlife SanctuaryDue to their slow functioning digestive systems sloths eat mostly leaves and tender shoots. Along with the sloths permanent smile, this interesting mammal has become a worldwide symbol of ecological conscientiousness, leading low energy, cyclical and symbiotic lifestyles in harmony with the earth.

Photographer Roland Seitre captured these amazing images during his visit to Cahuita, Costa Rica. Your vacation in Costa Rica should allow for equally amazing photo opportunities. For more information about the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary, Manuel Antonio National Park or Costa Rica wildlife tours, contact Escape Villas at 1-888-771-2976 or