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Jaco Wildlife Tour: An Adventure with Costa Rica’s Crocodile Man

Jaco Wildlife Tour: An Adventure with Costa Rica's Crocodile Man
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Crocodiles aren’t exactly known for being a man’s best friend, but it seems that the Rio Grande de Tarcoles, located about a half an hour outside of Playa Jaco, Costa Rica, makes the perfect setting for experienced guides to get up close and personal with these not so cuddly reptiles.

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Of all the Costa Rica tours to choose from, this wildlife tour might just be one of the most memorable. Whether you are traveling to or from Playa Jaco, then it’s worth adding this adventure tour onto your Costa Rica vacation itinerary. 

The Rio Grande de Tarcoles is one of four large rivers in the Nicoya Peninsula which leads to the Gulf of  Nicoya in the Pacific Ocean. The Rio Grande de Tarcoles is also the happy home of a large amount of crocodiles. What is known locally as the Crocodile Bridge, this Costa Rica wildlife attraction is a popular stopping point for nature loving tourists eager to sneak a peak at the large groups of well fed crocodiles that congregate on the nearby sandbanks.

The crocodiles have become quite the celebrities in Costa Rica, so much so, that each one has affectionately been named.  Tornado is pictured in the above photo and is approximately five meters in length (over 16 feet long!) and at the ripe old age of 80 can still move some when it’s time to feed.  Other popular crocodiles include Monica, Osama, Fidel and Bush.  Rightly or wrongly, these portly crocodiles mainly survive off food that tourists bring and this might explain a tamer tendency with the Costa Rican tour guides.

If you want to enjoy your travel time in Costa Rica then this is an adventure tour that is really something special, that is, if you’re feeling brave enough!  The Crocodile Man Tour is much more than just crocodiles. Just a stone’s throw away from Jaco beach, you will be guided through the mangroves and have a once in a life time opportunity to witness a large variety of flora and fauna which will be pointed out by your bilingual guide. For more information, call 1-800-340-2407.