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Playa Dominical Costa Rica Offers Relaxing Sunset Yoga

Sunset Yoga in Dominical, Costa Rica, by Bamboo Yoga
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No beach vacation in Costa Rica would be complete without an invigorating yoga session, especially if you enjoy surfing. If you are looking for some serious relaxation after a long day of battling the surf, then what better way to unwind than with a spot of yoga.

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Bamboo Yoga Play, located in Dominical, offers participants a serene yoga experience set against the stunning backdrop of some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Their eco-friendly, open-air yoga studio beautifully blends in with the tropical rainforest that surrounds Playa Dominical, creating the perfect location to decompress.

Qualified yoga instructors guide you through different positions that ensure that you get the maximum out of classes. Yoga has many benefits including increased flexibility, strength and balance. Sunset yoga in Dominical, Costa Rica, is a great way to recharge and relax, so even if it’s your first time you will certainly enjoy it.

Continue to relax after class in the “chill out” area or schedule a soothing massage or acupuncture. Bamboo Yoga Play also offers dance and expressive healing arts classes, in addition to other holistic therapies.

Bamboo Yoga Play has a gift shop with a wide variety of eco-friendly products available. This Dominical yoga studio offers a range of different packages that can be tailored to accommodate your Costa Rica vacation plans.  For more information, call 1-800-340-2407.