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Costa Rica Adventure Tour: Horseback Riding Through Nauyaca Waterfalls in Dominical

Dominical Nauyuca Waterfalls in Central Pacific Costa Rica
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Dominical is home to the some of the most beautiful sites in Costa Rica and the Nauyaca Waterfalls are of no exception. If you are looking for a relaxing nature tour in Costa Rica then this destination should definately be on your list. Located just ten kilometers from Dominical beach is wonderful horseback riding tour that will guide you through amazing landscapes of lush rainforest greenery and rich biodiversity that lead to the magnificent cascading waterfalls of Nauyaca.

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The Nauyaca Waterfalls tour is highly recommended for nature lovers. Explore twelve kilometers of some of the most beautiful landscape of Costa Rica for an endless amount of picture perfect opportunities as friendly macaws follow you on your journey. Experienced local guides who are fluent in English point out Costa Rica’s spectacular wildlife as you make your way to the waterfall. The horses are very well cared for and experienced, so novice riders have no concerns.

The adventure tour takes a total of two hours and thirty minutes which is broken up by three breaks including a stops for a meal and coffee. After an initial 45 minute horseback ride you will reach a traditional Costa Rican ranch where you will be served a tasty Tico breakfast including produce from the family farm. Taking up the reigns again and a little bit further into the farm you will reach your final destination: the majestic Nauyaca Waterfalls and its stunning turquoise pool. Make sure you don’t forget your swimsuit and towel!

Upon returning on horseback you will enjoy a delicious warm cup of Costa Rican coffee, whilst you take turns to sign the guestbook. The tour operates throughout the year in Dominical, except on Sundays and national holidays. Reservations must be made prior to arriving for the tour as available spaces are limited. Pickups can be requested within the Dominical area. For more information call 1-888-771-2976.