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Costa Rica Sloth Sanctuary In Cahuita Offers Fun & Educational Eco-Tour

Costa Rica's Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita, Limon
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Founded in 1997 and located in Cahuita, Limon, Costa Rica, the Sloth Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates injured sloths. The mission of the Sloth Sanctuary is to ensure the protection of sloths in Costa Rica through their observation, study and care. The Sloth Sanctuary works hard to promote awareness of the preservation of their natural habitat. Additional study is carried out on the sloths in order to better understand their life-style, physiology and pathology.

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After the Sloth Sanctuary received of their first orphan sloth in 1992, the founders have successfully hand reared over 100 sloths returning them to their home of the forest canopy whenever possible. In 2004 the Learning Center was completed in Cahuita and in 2005 a building which houses a clinic, nursery, quarantine and kitchen completed the sanctuary complex.

The Sloth Learning Center in Limon provides educational material for children to understand the importance of preserving Costa Rica’s ecosystem and the habitat of the sloth species.  The founders run a small hotel offer other eco-tourism activities as well as a volunteer program which help to fund the Sloth Sanctuary’s valuable work.

Recognizing the importance of the Sloth Sanctuary, generous donations from around the world have given the sloth species a better chance of survival. The creation of the Adopt a Sloth Program has also permitted donors to see how they help fund the rehabilitation of these interesting creatures.

Donations received allow the Sloth Sanctuary to continue to care for orphaned and injured animals by providing specialized care, adequate housing and meeting dietary requirements. Funds are also used to carry out research to ensure that sloths can be safely returned to their natural habitat in Costa Rica, but can also be tracked if necessary. Equipment such as GPS trackers can help identify living habits of the sloth species.

Visit the Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary to learn more and explore the depths of everything the Sanctuary has to offer by taking the “Wonderful World of the Sloth Tour”. This fun and educational eco-tour includes a guided canoe ride throughout the Estrella River, an informational session at the Learning Center, a walk through the rainforest and finally, a chance to meet some of the residential adult and baby sloths! Get up close and personal with the baby orphan sloths as the tour guide discusses the stories of how each one came to the Sloth Sanctuary.