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Costa Rica Scuba Diving Shark Tour on Isla de Coco, Puntarenas

Costa Rica Scuba Diving Shark Tour on Isla de Coco, Puntarenas
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Costa Rica’s Isla de Coco, Puntarenas, has been listed as one of the top ten places to go scuba diving with sharks.  In an article from the Spanish newspaper, El Pais, marine photographer Manú San Felix listed Isla de Coco as one of his favorite diving spots. The beautiful island in Costa rica was listed in eighth place and recognized for its abundance of marine life including hammer head sharks, stingrays, dolphins, yellow fin tuna and sailfish.

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Not for the faint hearted, scuba diving with sharks is certainly not for everyone but it is an activity that is growing in popularity. If you are looking for your next adrenalin rush, love nature and have no fear then shark spotting around Isla de Coco in Puntarenas might be for you. Some of the largest schools of hammerhead sharks have been reported here and the famous explore Jacque Cousteau stated it was the most beautiful island in the world.

Isla de Coco is one of Costa Rica’s protected National Parks and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997. Thanks to its truly unique characteristics the Isla de Coco offers the ultimate in shark diving adventures and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors already list it amongst their top ten diving hotspots.

The article listed the Bahamas as the top place for scuba diving with over 700 small and large islands. The Red Sea between Africa and Asia is also listed as an area rich with marine life including the great white shark.  The Maldives, French Polynesia, Mexico, Scotland, South Africa and California are also noted as must visit sites for scuba diving enthusiasts.

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