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Democracy and Environmental Sustainability in Costa Rica

Costa Rica former President José María Figueres at Duke University
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Former president of Costa Rica José María Figueres continues to promote Sustainable Development as the integrating architecture of governmental action.  On April 22nd Figueres delivered a speech at the Goodson Chapel at Duke University, North Carolina.

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He explained that it was important for governments to recognize that economic growth did not have to be given priority over the protection of the environment.  Now the CEO of Concordia 21 a social investment company, Figueres discussed the different opportunities for economic development in Latin America.   He highlighted the importance of Latin American countries to develop their own sustainable methods of economic growth instead of becoming dependent on the economic success of other countries in order for them to benefit.  He explained that Latin American countries must strive to implement alternative energy efficient technologies.

Figueres discussed the creation of opportunities in sustainable markets to ensure economic growth in developing Latin America. He emphasized that the economic crisis made it clear that policy and government, not financial markets, are the strong foundations of an environmentally-friendly economy.

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