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Costa Rica’s Renewable Energy Drive

Costa Rica Wind Farm, Guanacaste Renewable Energy

The company Ju Wi inaugurated a new wind farm located in Guanacaste at the end of April helping Costa Rica to achieve its goal of sourcing 100% of its energy from renewable sources.  Completed in 2009 the energy farm has a total of 55 wind turbines imported from Enercon, Germany.

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It is hoped that the turbines will be able to produce 240 million kilowatt hours of electricity for Costa Rica per year.  Thanks to Costa Rican weather conditions the months of December to May can generate strong wings and allow the turbines to function at their full capacity.

Costa Rica currently uses hydro and thermal energy to supply 80% of its energy to consumers  but dry season and unexpected low rainfall has meant that alternative methods of energy supply are being implemented as back up.  Energy suppliers in Costa Rica are making a definite attempt to move away from diesel powered generators to keep in line with the countries environmental policy.

President Oscar Arias opened the wind farm and is the founder of the “Peace with Nature“ project which is designed to reduce the human impact on the environment in Costa Rica. The mission of the project highlights the goal of reaching 100 percent renewable energy, a target that will be passed on to future president Laura Chinchilla.