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Costa Rican Coffee High in Quality, High in Benefits

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Known as Costa Rica’s “Grano de Oro” (Grain of Gold), coffee has supported the local economy since the 1850’s. The coffee been is so cherished by the national government that Costa Rica is the only country to issue a ban on the production of any coffee other than Arabica.

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Arabica bean coffee is celebrated for its high level of antioxidants as well as other noted health benefits. In Japan and across the Netherlands, studies have shown that those who sipped on Arabica coffee had considerably less cases of certain cancers as opposed to those who drank other types of coffee.

Additionally, the caffeine in coffee also has positive effects for those who like to work out. Drinking 300-500 milligrams of coffee one hour before hitting the gym stimulates the central nervous system, which increases the force of muscle contractions. Other benefits include increased levels of alertness which in turn improve your mood and state of mind.Central Valley, Costa Rica Coffee Plantations, Organic Coffee

To fully appreciate Costa Rica’s love of coffee, experience one of the many coffee plantation tours just outside of the Central Valley. Name brand plantations include Café Britt, Café Rey, Café Volio and Doka, however; there are many more throughout this coffee-loving country!