Personal Chef Services in Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Personal Chef Services in Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Relax and kick back in the comfort of your luxury Costa Rican vacation rental, take a dip in the private pool or head outdoors for an eco adventure tour. You won’t worry about cooking up a feast; the Escape Villas Chefs will ensure your Costa Rica vacation is hassle free and packed full of delicious dishes that are sure to delight all the family.

The Escape Villas Chef Service offers a menu with a vast array of tasty treats and traditional Costa Rica dishes that will make your tropical vacation relaxing and unforgettable. The expert team of Escape Villas chefs has compiled a diverse and appetizing up to the minute menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner for lucky vacationers staying at their Costa Rica vacation rentals.

Personal Chef services in Costa Rica vacation rentals
Different Chef's to suit every need

The Benefits of Escape Villas Chef Services

  • The accomplished Escape Villas Chefs work with you to define a personalized menu to ensure everyone’s tastes are considered.
  • Chefs will shop for the produce, arrive to prep the meal and serve at the time you request.
  • You’re the one that gets to decide what’s on the menu and with an expert Chef by your side, this is the perfect opportunity to sample authentic quality cuisine using the best produce available. What better way to enjoy your Costa Rica vacation?
  • Many families agree that the Escape Villas Chef Service is a lot cheaper than dining out every night.
  • You’ll be able to plan your days out and about with the comfort of knowing that a warm home cooked meal is waiting for you at your Costa Rica vacation rental.
  • Special dietary needs or food allergies? The Chefs will be able to work with you to define what ingredients need to be substituted in their recipes.
  • Children in your party? The Escape Villas Chefs will cook up tasty treats that even the fussiest eaters won’t be able to turn down.
Personalized menu to every guests need
Wedding catering also available

Reviews of Escape Villas Chef Services

Marilynne Leadon: Review of the Escape Villas Chef Services

  • Party of four – Two adults and two children aged 14 and 16.
  • One week stay at the Escape Villas Costa Rica Vacation Rental, June 2011.
  • Casa Carpe Diem in Manuel Antonio, Central Pacific, Costa Rica.
  • Escape Villas Chef – Chris Thebault

We chose the Chef Service for a number of reasons. First, eating out at restaurants takes a lot of time and money. We wanted to be able to relax in the morning and evening after our excursions. I cook a lot at home (we eat home-cooked meals at least 6 nights a week) and love cooking, but I wanted a vacation as well! I didn’t want to spend time grocery shopping and cooking; I wanted to have fun with my family. It was more convenient, and elevated our experience to a vacation and not just a trip.

Chef Chris was the most wonderful man to our family. He and I met after breakfast each morning and created the menu for dinner that night and breakfast the next day. Then he went shopping and put the groceries in the kitchen. He came back in the afternoon to prep the food and then served us when we were ready. He put fresh flowers on the table every day. He gave me a standard list of what he could prepare, but we generally just talked about what was fresh, in season, and good in the grocery store. I had a blast creating menus with him and then I didn’t even have to cook, just eat!

We loved Chris’s marinated Ahi tuna salad, his mashed potatoes, and his traditional Costa Rican breakfast.

Chris met our requests. When we met in the morning to discuss menus, we agreed that if something we had in mind didn’t look good at the grocery store, he would choose something else. Or, if he was at the store and was inspired by some other thing, he could do that too. I tried to let him be creative so that he could enjoy the experience, and being flexible also meant we would be eating the healthiest and freshest choices. Would I recommend this? Absolutely. I am going to look into having a chef service for our next overseas trip!

International cuisine with vibrant colors
Our Chef's have trained in all parts of the world

Most Requested Favorites – The Ultimate in Costa Rica Dining!

Check out a sample menu of our Chef Service In Manuel Antonio. These menus can be tailored to your every need.

Professional, Friendly and At Your Service - Meet the Escape Villas Chefs

Head Chef Stéphane De Pascali

Graduated from the Culinary School Bonnevaine in Marseille, France

Worked in countries around the world including France, England, Spain, Holland, Switzerland, Corsica, the Caribbean islands of St. Barthelemy and St. Martin, the Dominican Republic and North African luxury cruises.

Specialty is fusion of European and Asian cuisine with its delicious taste and vibrant colors.

“My interest for cooking started when I was young. I was born in France and there cooking is part of the culture. I had the opportunity to learn from my grandfather who was a luxury cruise chef and I have followed in his footsteps,” said Head Chef Stéphane De Pascali

He continues, “The best thing about being the Head Chef at Escape Villas is that you get to meet different clients and cook in the different vacation rentals every week. You get to experiment with different ingredients according to the clients taste. I recommend the Escape Villas Chef Services in Costa Rica vacation rentals because it allows you to enjoy your vacations without having to worry about food shopping. It is cheaper than going to a restaurant and as you are the one deciding on the ingredients you will always enjoy the meals we prepare.”

Chef Chris Thebault

Studied in the culinary school of Le Nôtre in Paris, France and at the Zen Culinary Center of San Francisco.

Worked in a variety of highly rated restaurants including El Châteaux D’Artigny, El Florian and also worked as a personal chef for the Ministry of Transport and Tourism in Paris. He then began to broaden his horizons, travelling to Ibiza to work as a private chef for the jet set that arrived to this small but vibrant Spanish island. He has additionally traveled to India, Thailand, Cambodia.

His diverse experience with cuisine from around the world enables him to offer a range of delicious dishes. Based on the strong foundations of French cuisine Chef Thebault fuses Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American ingredients. “I first became interested in cooking over 20 years ago; I found it to be such an unlimited alchemy of aromas, colors, flavors, temperatures and textures. I also thought that culinary arts would be a great opportunity for me to travel, which I did years later.”

“Healthy food is what matters to me, cooking with simplicity and awareness that food is part of our health. It’s also a great way to have a great time!” I would recommend the Escape Villas Chef Service because you are guaranteed the best service in the best vacation rentals in the best places in Costa Rica.

Chef Guido Saenz Godinez

An accomplished Costa Rican Chef with a career spanning 16 years, Chef Godinez developed his culinary arts working alongside the best chefs in the best restaurants in the region. Chef Godinez specializes in BBQ dishes and only works with fresh herbs and ingredients. He frequently researches the latest culinary advances on line which he considers to be one of the best tools available.

“I enjoy being a Chef at Escape Villas simply because I am part of one of the companies that offer the best personalized service in the area.”

Chef Leopoldo Cruz Farias Guzman

“I have always been interested in cooking, my mother and grandmother taught me to cook when I was just 12 years old.”

Studied, trained and worked in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires and Santiago del Estero in Argentina. And as a true Argentinean, Chef Farias specializes in the creation of delicious roasted and succulent BBQ choice cuts.

“I enjoy working as a Chef at Escape Villas because it gives me the opportunity to be diverse and creative.”

Our Chef's can prepare local cuisine as well as international dishes
Custom dishes for vegeterians or any food allergies
Our Chef's are great with BBQ specialties

Escape Villas Destination Wedding Catering Services

If you are planning a Costa Rica Wedding the Escape Villas concierge team will be happy to coordinate your catering for your special day.

Want to find out more about the Escape Villas Chef services?

Any questions? Contact Escape Villas on 1-888-771-2976 or email for more information about the Escape Villas Chef Services in Costa Rica Vacation Rentals.

Photo Credit – Chef Chris Thebault Cuisine Photography.