Dominical Costa Rica WaterfallIf you are looking for an authentic beach vacation in Costa Rica then Playa Dominical in the South Pacific is where you should be heading. This part of Costa Rica is celebrated for its gorgeous rainforest landscapes, pristine white sand beaches, crystal blue ocean waters and excellent surf. The beach at Playa Dominical truly encapsulates the area’s most attractive characteristics. Set against a backdrop of vibrant, green foothills and flourishing tropical rainforest, Playa Dominical is rich in biodiversity and is a dream destination for family vacations, family reunions and weddings in Costa Rica.



Well, to put it in a nutshell, pretty much everything! There are few places in the world that offer that of the Southern Pacific in Costa Rica. Playa Dominical, with its unique and laid back feel and only 30 minutes south of Playa Manuel Antonio, provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable Costa Rica beach vacation whether you’re here with family, friends or for a special event.  

Playa Dominical has truly unique character and continues to retain its natural appeal and authenticity. Playa Dominical is a real Costa Rican gem and the moderate tourist development in the area means you will be able to find many secluded beaches that you can make your own personal paradise. Nearby Playa Ojochal and Playa Uvita are just two of many nearby beaches you should visit while on vacation in Dominical.

Dominical, Costa Rica, is the paradise location for the vacation of your dreams. The surrounding foothills offer the perfect setting for world class Dominical vacation rentals, quality resorts, secluded luxury villas and hotels. Dominical vacation rentals have great benefits; private prime locations and a tailored concierge service that prove to be the ideal combination for many vacationing families in Costa Rica. For more information on Dominical vacation rentals and villas, contact Escape Villas at 1-800-340-2407 or


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Plenty of waterfalls located in the tropical jungles of Dominical

Local fruit stands and souvenir stands along the beach

Exotic wildlife including sloths, toucans, humming birds, and Iguanas


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