Manuel Antonio Zip Line Canopy Tours

Manuel Antonio Zip Line Canopy Tours

Enjoy magnificent views of the rainforest as you zip over its canopy on exciting zip line cables. It’s an experience that will give you a rush, and it’s an adventure you will happily relate on your return home.

Manuel Antonio boasts of a tropical rainforest with diverse wildlife, strong, century-old trees, exotic plants, and flowers. The canopy tour will begin from beautiful grounds located in the tropical rainforest and then take you through a network of at least 10 zip lines, suspension bridges (some as long as 295 ft. long) and rappel platforms that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Plenty of safety while Zip Lining through Manuel Antonio Canopy tours
Family Zip Line Canopy in Manuel Antonio Quepos area

The guides at our Manuel Antonio canopy tour are experienced, and even for those who are nor comfortable with heights, will put you at ease and ensure you get a ride down the zip lines that will keep your mind and heart enjoying the majestic views. As you zip over the canopy, you get views of rivers and waterfalls with pristine pools. Have fun spotting and identifying four species of monkeys (Central American Squirrel monkey, white faced monkey, Geoffrey’s Spider Monkey and the Mantled Howler monkey), toucans, sloths (two and three-toed), poison dart frogs, unique flowers and see trees that have lived for more than 100 years. For the ultimate experience of the Manuel Antonio Canopy Tours get onto the ‘Tarzan’ swing and experience the ride of your life. Manuel Antonio canopy tours have the most spectacular backdrops that are fun and safe, even young children can enjoy the experience.

For beginners and those who prefer that personal attention, you can schedule morning or night tours and maximize the advantages of having a smaller, highly charged and enthusiastic group. Listen to the nocturnal creatures that come out on a night tour. The experienced guides will put first timers at ease as they ensure that your harness is secure; off you will go over the rainforests canopy to an incredible experience.

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Manuel Antonio Zip Lining Canopy Tours
Zipling through Manuel Antonio rainforest adventure tour
Zip lining Manuel Antonio Quepos area great for the whole family