Manuel Antonio Whale Watching and Dolphin Tour

Manuel Antonio Whale Watching and Dolphin Tour

Feel and experience the power and grace of whales and dolphins in the tropical waters of Costa Rica. The beautiful Central Pacific coastline is known for amazing and spectacular whale and dolphin watching experiences offered to nature lovers and eco-tourists. To see a whale or dolphin spin, flip, and finally dive into the water will no doubt fill you with wonder.

Enjoy incredible viewing of bottlenose, spinners and spotted dolphins, humpback whales and pilot whales. But, don’t just see the creatures, hear them ‘sing’ and call to each other as they do their acrobatics. The tour gives you an opportunity to watch groups of dolphins perform their own version of synchronized swimming complete with flips, flaps, spins and finish with a big splash.

The guides can schedule a visit to offshore islands in the mornings or evenings for you to enjoy the beautiful island plants and scenery. In addition, Manuel Antonio whale watching and dolphin tours include snorkeling in coral and rock reefs to take a closer look and observe reef fish, turtles, the bi-color parrotfish and many other species of marine life in the tropical blue waters of the Pacific. Costa Rica has the largest concentration of coral building organisms along the Pacific Ocean of Central America, and 
therefore there is abundant marine flora and fauna for you to observe while snorkeling. Snorkeling 
equipment is provided (mask, fins and snorkel) so you can take in the creatures as they pass you by or 
curiously come closer to you.

The tour experience includes refreshments snacks, and the local fruits that Manuel Antonio has to offer. Professional guides will be on hand to provide dolphin and whale facts as you enjoy a cool breeze and just have fun in the sun and ocean.

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