Manuel Antonio Waterfall Tour

Manuel Antonio Waterfall Tour

For any tourist wishing to see natural, world wonders, a waterfall would be an intriguing one, along with evergreen mangrove swamps, lagoons, beaches and tropical vegetation. Manuel Antonio is a must visit for those of you who want to experience Costa Rica nature.

Manuel Antonio is ostensibly the gem of Costa Rica. Besides being a historical site discovered in 1519 by Spanish explorers, it provides a wide range of attractive features for tourists, with more than 800,000 visitors accommodated annually. It is at the core of the great Pacific Coast where every tourist bound to Costa Rica wants to visit, and feel the first fruit and value of this wonderful country.

The vegetation is lush all around in the tropical rainforest, with many mist forming waterfalls all around the area. The tropical location of Costa Rica facilitates a good and conducive climate for tourists to enjoy all year long. Manuel Antonio gives visitors the comfort of a temperate climate in the natural environment where many yearn to go for holidays, family vacation or tour. Besides having tourists attractions like the Pacific coast beaches, one can stay all day watching flocks of birds while they whirl around in the air or above the Pacific sea. You can also opt to hike to the top of the 100m high Punta Catedral and watch the panoramic environment below you; dolphins and whales, reefs, tides, water crashing against the rocky Playa Negra, and the beautiful sunset. You can go scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean in front of Manuel Antonio Park or around one of the several islands that are just off shore. Also, Manuel Antonio is a world renowned spot for its game fishing. From November to April it is not uncommon for a typical angler to release multiple billfish that weigh more than 100 pounds.

Waterfall rappelling is another of the activities that are loved by tourists. Nauyaca Waterfalls is 30 minutes south of Quepos, Costa Rica near Dominical. It is a beautiful waterfall with two large tiers. It is accessible by an approximately 12k hike or by horseback. Besides all this natural wonder, the park has a well-trained and courteous staff who will guide you through the exotic vegetation inhabited by the rare, endangered species of squirrel monkeys. There are pools for snorkeling in the rainforest, rivers, and sightseeing tours. However, detailed instructions have to be followed around the park.