Manuel Antonio Snorkeling Scuba Diving Tours

Manuel Antonio Snorkeling Scuba Diving Tours

Clear crystal water is what comes to mind when you think of a vacation at the beach. A place to relax, swim, sun bath, enjoy beautiful ocean views, cool breezes, and have fun with friends and family. Manuel Antonio is well known as one of the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica when it comes to beaches and wildlife.

Have a fun filled adventure as you gaze through the clear ocean waters and experience the adventure of a lifetime. Manuel Antonio is well known for the water sports it provides for its vacationers. The water sports available include surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sport fishing. Although all these activities are available at Manuel Antonio beaches,the main activities that can be the highlight of your vacation are snorkeling and scuba diving.

Many people travel to discover new things and experience adventure. Making memorable moments is the main reason why many people go on vacation. Explore the oceans off Manuel Antonio by engaging in snorkeling and scuba diving. Enjoy the magnificent undiscovered sites that lie underneath the waters. Discover the different sea life that most people see only on television and interact with nature at its best. The area offers different beach locations for diving and snorkeling.

Manuel Antonio is well known for its amazing people, unique wildlife, cool breezes, beautiful rain forests and its fun filled adventure tours. Experience new cultures and enjoy the breeze in an area that offers it all. Experience the laid-back atmosphere and discover nature in Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio is also filled with restaurants and bars along the coastline. The different vacation accommodations offer wonderful ocean views. Enjoy quality treatment and services in the hotels, holiday apartments, and restaurants in Manuel Antonio. Experience the culture and nature of the friendly locals as you enjoy your stay in this one of a kind vacation destination.

Enjoy your dive in warm waters and view the different spices of fish that are present in the tropical waters all year round. Swim past the coral rocks and discover sea life at its core. The coastline is wide and the islands all offer a new adventure. Enjoy scuba diving regardless of your experience with the help of trained divers.

There are different diving tours offered in Manuel Antonio. Most tours take place in the morning or afternoon. Most diving sites are a 10-minute boat ride away from the shore and each dive takes roughly 45 minutes.

The town also offers training that teaches tourists how to dive. Become a comfortable diver using the well-guided diving courses offered in Manuel Antonio and discover life under the sea.