Manuel Antonio Reptile Park Tour

Manuel Antonio Reptile Park Tour

Visit the only existing reptile and amphibian park in Costa Rica. The park is full of amazing creatures that will amaze you. Marvel at the different kinds of snakes and learn how to identify a venomous and non-venomous snake. View one of the largest snakes in the world and get to experiencenature’s diversity.

Parque Reptilandia is a true reflection of Costa Rica nature’s beauty. It has beautiful tropical flowers, fruit trees and palms. The ground’s fruit trees attract a variety of birds and butterflies that offer an addition to the parks magnificent views. Parque Reptilandia is home to various spices of amphibians and reptiles. These animals are mainly from Costa Rica although several animals were collected from all over the world.

Parque Reptilandia has wide, flat paths that make it wheel chair accessible and comfortable for groups and families that wish to visit the park together. The park is comprised of ponds and 55 terrarium enclosures on an acre of land.

The different animals in the park include different types of snakes (venomous and non-venomous), lizards, turtles, tortoise, crocodilians and frogs. Reptile Park offers visitors a chance to explore nature. Discover pre- historic crocodilians that are hard to come by and marvel at the site of poison dart frogs. Most visitors bring cameras to capture the different types of snakes, frogs and lizards.

The national park allows its visitors to spend time with the animals and take photos. You might be pleased to know that some reptiles like snakes can be touched and wrapped around visitors (only those who are brave enough).

The park offers different tours to suit your needs, they include:

  • Guided tours with an expert upon request by visitors.
  • Self-guided tours
  • Guided tours for professional photographers and die hard reptile fans.

Each tour has its own unique adventure to offer. For self-guided tours, families or groups can wander around the park as they view the reptiles from a distance in their natural settings. Marvel at magnificent rainforest lizards and delight in the sight of tortoise.

The professional tours are mainly offered by experienced staff that is knowledgeable on different animals. Professionals are allowed to take photos of the amazing reptile with the aid of trained guides.

The reptile park is a beautiful and spacious ground that is home to over 50 reptiles. It is a wonderful place to visit while in Manuel Antonio with your family. Have an adventure as you discover some of the world’s most venomous snakes and frogs.