Manuel Antonio Jet Ski Tour

Manuel Antonio Jet Ski Tour

Experience an adventure of a lifetime with a Jet Ski tour. Jet Ski tour offers you an opportunity to experience the scenic beauty of Costa Rica from a new perspective. Enjoy a sunny afternoon in the clam clear ocean waters as you discover nature’s beauty. The tour is packaged with a friendly and professional tour guide to direct the tour and ensure your safety.

A typical Jet Ski tour would take about 4hours. Each tour must be accompanied by a tour guide especially experienced in the sport. The tour guide usually briefs the participants on the use of equipment and safety measures that each person should take. The tour guide is also responsible for guiding the tour and ensuring that all participants have a great adventure.

A Jet Ski tour mainly entails snorkeling, exploring the coastline, searching for dolphins, and whales. A Jet Ski tour is a perfect way to explore the wonders of the big blue sea. Participants get to view different types of exotic fish found in Costa Rica. If you are lucky you could see the biggest sea mammal and enjoy the scenic beauty of dolphins as they play and swim in the ocean.

Most tours involve an interactive exploration of the Costa Rican coastline. Visit the different town near the coastline and interact with the friendly locals in Costa Rica. Explore the different features and appreciate diversity of the coastline.

Have a unique ocean adventure with Jet Ski tours as you explore the waters of Costa Rica and view scenic beauty that is only found in the ocean. The tour is a good way to spend your afternoon in Costa Rica. Have a family adventure as you explore the wonders of the ocean and discover unique sea life in the Jet Ski tour.

The tour offers you a chance to capture the beauty of the ocean. Take wonderful photos of dolphins and different exotic fish found in Costa Rica. Capture the life and diversity of the North pacific coastline. Have an adventure with a combination of fun, freedom, and safety as you discover the beauty that is only found in the north pacific. The tour is sure to give you an adrenaline rush and loads of fun as you ski on the water at a supersonic speed.

View the most beautiful beaches in a fun filled and safe adventure. Experience freedom like never before as you ski across the north pacific waters and interact with nature at its best.