Manuel Antonio Canyoning Tour

Manuel Antonio Canyoning Tour

Looking for an eventful tour that is sure to give you an adrenaline rush? Manuel Antonio Canyoning tour is the right tour for you. The Manuel Antonio Canyoning tour offers you a chance to take part in a different and unique adventure. The tour mainly starts with a short drive that leads to the tour destination.

Manuel Antonio canyoning involves activities like the popular monkey drops (this is assisted free falls), water rappelling, zip lines, tree top rappel and tree climbing ladders, suspension bridge cross and a multi vine challenge course. The tour is guided by a professional and friendly tour guide that ensures your safety. They also direct the tour and ensure all participants have as much fun as possible.

The tour enables you to experience the beauty and adventure of Costa Rica’s magnificent jungles in a different way. It involves treks through the rainforest. The treks are mainly secret routes that lead to the adventure of a lifetime. Experience and adrenaline rush like never before with monkey drops. This involves free assisted falls at the heart of the rainforest. Have crazy and safe fun that only Costa Rica offers.

manuel antonio waterfall canyoning
Canyoning in Manuel Antonio great family vacation activity

The tours usually take a small group of people so as to personalize the experience and ensure that all participants have a good time. A small group also enables you to have the tour guides’ full attention as you experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The Canoying tour enables you to connect with nature and feel immersed in the rainforests beauty, calm and peaceful environment. During the tour participants may see diverse wildlife ranging from the Jesus Christ lizard, Morphos butterfly, and more wildlife.

Safety is crucial and highly valued in the tour. All aspect of the tour is usually explained to participants before they undertake the adventure. The tour guide explains how to use the high quality equipment to ensure the tour is safe. The guides are also trained to take care of minor injuries that may occur during the tour.

The Canoying activity Is an adventure driven tour. Due to the nature of the tour activities, participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing and preferably closed shoes that will stay on your feet. It is also recommended that you carry a change of clothes because you are going to get wet as you rappel down magnificent waterfalls at the heart of the jungle.

Manuel Antonio Canoying tour takes place during the day from 8am to 12 noon. The four hour tour is an interactive fun filled adventure that gives you the chance to view the rainforest from a different perspective.

Canyoning in Manuel Antonio with waterfalls and fun for whole family
Canyoning down waterfalls in Manuel Antonio
Canyoning in Manuel Antonio with waterfalls and fun for whole family