Manuel Antonio Bird Watching Tour

Manuel Antonio Bird Watching Tour

Manuel Antonio is located at the heart of the Pacific coast of the beautiful country, Costa Rica. Once you have visited or travelled this place in the Costa Rica, you will definitely tell yourself that you have had the best vacation ever. Manuel Antonio offers a lot of exciting adventures, places to visit and wonderful sights for you and your loved ones to see. If you love the beach, nature, parks, adventures and wildlife- you will definitely enjoy Manuel Antonio and love how the people share the Costa Rican culture and way of life.

In Manuel Antonio, they offer a lot of exciting adventures and tours. One of the best activity and enjoyed by many is the Manuel Antonio Birdwatching Tours. Birdwatching in Manuel Antonio is such a unique and extraordinary experience. With over 270 species, you could enjoy watching different kinds, colors and sizes of birds. Kids will love this experience because the animals that they saw and read in books before, they could actually see it in person. You will truly love the experience of seeing talking birds, colorful pelicans, and birds with short and long beaks, large brown birds, birds with pointed wings or the ones with pointed tails and so much more.

The tour approximately lasts up to 3 hours. It starts at six in the morning and the Manuel Antonio birdwatching tour group will take you to the different and diverse spots of local and migratory birds far from those crammed full tourist places in Manuel Antonio.

In this kind of adventure, the tour package includes transportation from your hotel, or any rented vacation house to the birding spots, snacks and drinks, cold water, and a tour guide who is both a naturalist and expert on birds. Bilingual guides will give you the chance to use their spotting equipment during the tour. Guests are expected to wear light clothes, hiking shoes or any sturdy walking shoes and light poncho is recommended during May to December tours. Do not forget to bring sun screens to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, insect repellant and your trusty camera to capture precious and fun moments with your loved ones whiles potting and watching different kinds of birds.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Manuel Antonio Bird Watching Tour now and have an extraordinary adventure of watching and spotting different species of birds.