Manuel Antonio ATV Tour

Manuel Antonio ATV Tour

The Manuel Antonio ATV tour provides an opportunity for the visitors to the region to visit more places on their own and have a firsthand experience and interaction with Costa Rica nature. At a small fee you can have a memorable ATV tour of the region. This will allow you to see the various geographic features such as the various tree species, animals and birds. This may also be an amazing outdoor experience for those who would like to have some time alone from everything. The ATV tours have the option for double or single tours. The single tours are normally more encouraged because they allow you to carry your back packs without worrying that the ATV may not make it through the steep hills.

For the visitors who would like a more safe and educative experience, there are guides who are readily available to take you through the ATV tour. These guides are often bilingual and very knowledgeable about the region. This is a good for visitors because they get to know more about the region and they do get value for their money.

The countryside around this region is beautiful and it is normally helpful to bring a camera along to capture some of the beautiful moments you will get to enjoy in the region. The ATV tours allow you to drive through the many rivers, jungles and back roads in the region. You may also choose to stop and hike beside the waterfalls in the region and swim in the cool pools to cool off whenever it becomes too hot. You can end up with many nice shots from you r camera with these fascinating features.

The tour allows you to drive through the beautiful primary and secondary rainforests alongside the Rio Canas. The waterfalls along the way and the natural pools will provide an opportunity for cooling off and taking photos. To enjoy the tour to the maximum it is advisable to bring along long pants, sunscreen, insect repellent, sneakers, swim suit, camera, t-shirt, walking shoes, towel, and change of clothes. These will allow you to change to the most appropriate attires through the various phases of the tour. This brings out the diversity of the tour which makes it even more interesting and memorable.

Most of the ATV tours often take about 4 to 5 hours depending on the length of the course you choose to take. A standard tour includes transportation, equipment, ATV, a local guide to show you around, packed lunch, and fruits to eat along the way. Make your reservations today to sample some of this wonderful experience.