Jaco Canopy Tours

Jaco Canopy Tours

Costa Rican Eco Adventures

It’s no myth that there are an abundance of canopy and zip‐ling tours canvassing the beautiful country of Costa Rica/Jaco. However, you will find some of the most incredible canopy and zip‐lining tours around the town of Jaco to be the most exhilarating and thrilling when you are gearing up for your very own Costa Rican adventure.

These canopy tours truly let the tourists who dare to venture here seek adventure in a safe, yet adrenaline‐charged way as well as see Costa Rica’s extensive wildlife in its own ecosystem: the canopy.

When you choose a zip‐lining or canopy tour, you are bound to see flora and fauna that is native to Costa Rica, such as sloths, toucans, an assortment of monkeys, and even possibly butterflies, which at times, are as big as your hand and as colorful as digitally re‐mastered films. Most of these Jaco canopy tours even give you an incredible view of the infamous beach known as Playa Jaco (Jaco Beach) that many flock to every year because of its incredible waves and excellent surfing conditions. It will give you chills as your body and soul soar above the canopy on your ziplining tour and you embrace Mother Nature and take in all she has to offer.

jaco-canopy-tours-climb-into the canopy-ocean and green trees below
jaco-canopy-tours-zip-line- high in the costarican rainforrest looking down onto the lush vegitation of jaco

Jaco Zip Line Adventure

One of the most unique and often times highlights of exploring the Costa Rican canopy are some of its rare treasures, such as, finding tiny functioning ecosystems, similar to a tide pool’s ecosystem.

You will find that most of the canopy tours available in Jaco are within the experience and age range of any person who dares to follow through with this incredible excitement and one‐of‐a‐kind Costa Rican adventure, with safety equipment included and transportation is often included; or for a small additional fee can be arranged. Safety is of the utmost importance as often times you will find yourself walking across hanging bridges in the jungle that can range up to 1,000 feet high.

This makes for great photography and if you’re truly daring, you may even find a private and extremely experienced guide for those that crave a little more freedom while flying through the canopy of Jaco.

More often than not, a tour is not complete without the added addition of fruit, snacks, hydration and sometimes even lunch is included based off of how extensive the tour is.

When you choose to zip‐line throughout the canopy of Jaco, you are choosing one of the best places in the world to experience this thrilling adventure, all while being able to view the Macaws that live nearby, monkeys, and expansive ocean view. Jaco is the best place to get your adrenaline rush.

Some of the zip‐lining and canopy tours offer up to 25 zip lines over 11 waterfalls that can either be viewed or hiked to as an addition to your tour! Other zip‐lining tours can be cut into a 2‐3 hour trek but some of the best in Jaco range to be approximately 5 hours for the daring and enduring soul.

These tours are arranged at affordable prices with options available from how many lines you wish to fly across, how long of lines you wish to be on, how high you wish to fly and sometimes, even based on how adventurous you wish to make this Costa Rican past‐time. For those with a little less zest for extreme sports or those with specific physical limitations, but still wish to sit in on the fun, you are definitely not left out!

jaco-canopy-bridge-costa rica adventure tours in beautiful Jaco-walking on a bridge
jaco-canopy-tours-tram- above in a tram-high above the costarican the rainforrest in a tram.

Taking the Tram

There are canopy tours available in Jaco that offer aerial trams that go over the canopy at a much slower and relaxed pace with guides. These trams hold approximately up to 9 people and will still give you a bit of excitement and an experience that is unforgettable.

Remember, you have nothing to fear as most guides are bilingual as well, so if you feel that your Spanish is not up to par, you simply need someone to explain the process, or even ease your nerves as you join in this exhilarating hobby, our Costa Rican guides have you completely covered. No worries, simply pura vida!