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Family Reunion Vacation Rentals – The Best Option For a Gathering!

Are you looking for a new space to host your next family gathering? Family reunion vacation rentals are something to consider, for a host of reasons. Imagine having a large space, with plenty of bedrooms to hold everyone for a multi-day gathering.

family reunion vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio
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For the most part, the way families get together for special occasions is shifting. With the advent of large, intimate vacation spaces over stuffy hotels, vacation rentals have grown in popularity. To begin with, a quick look at the numbers tells a compelling story. The average hotel room is 400 square feet as opposed to a 4,000 square foot house. In addition, it’s more economical to book a large vacation rental.

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Why Family Reunion Vacation Rentals are Ideal

The reasons to get everyone together in a large vacation house are many. For example, there is much more room to spread out. In addition, booking a block of rooms at a hotel is not nearly as personal and cozy as having everyone together in the same house.

What’s more, a house provides all of the amenities one could need. This includes a full kitchen for cooking all of your meals together, a washer/dryer and outdoor grill. And maybe even a dedicated game room and/or media room. Some vacation rentals even have an outdoor pool and hot tub! You can’t get that in a hotel without booking a lot of things separately and at an exorbitant cost!

Here is another thing that studies have shown. More people enjoy family reunion vacation rentals  because they want their gathering to be part of a unique environment. They want a new space to cook together, to gather around a fire together or to sit on a balcony together. They want all of this with the same comfort and privacy they would get in their own home.

The Perfect Reunion Can Also be the Perfect Vacation

For many, this isn’t just a reunion of loved ones. This is their yearly vacation, and they want to make the most of it. This is where booking a vacation rental in a new location is key. After the incredible meal with your entire family, it is great to get in the car and go sightseeing, or head to the beach for fun and sun.

vacation rentals on the beach for family reuniones
Gorgeous weather, Luxurious settings and a cool top to top it all off !

The family reunion should be in a space that has activities for everyone. This is where hosting your reunion in a tropical place is ideal, as there are a wide variety of activities to suit anyone’s fancy. Beachcombing, snorkeling, bird watching, or taking a tour of the jungle are just a few of the activities available.

You want to create the perfect vacation that leads to a lifetime of memories. In short, you want a reunion that they will talk about at the next family reunion, and for years to come. And who knows? Perhaps you can find the perfect vacation rental that you and your family will want to come back to, year after year.