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Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism in Costa Rica.Is Dental Tourism for you?

Is dental tourism for you? A question to ask your self and we can help you answer it. You have to consider if you are up to traveling. Being able to travel physically and mentally is imperative and something you need to make sure of. Then ask yourself if it is worth traveling so far for dental work. For smaller procedures, it might be just as well to have it done back home, although if it is an in-depth procedure it is normally more than worthwhile. Consider to you will be in a tropical country so it is the perfect opportunity to have a vacation.

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If you are contemplating a dental vacation, you can rest assured the nation has Latin America’s best health care systems, with multiple JCI-accredited hospitals in the San Jose metropolitan area. Clinica Biblica, CIMA San Jose, and Clinica Catolica are all top-notch private hospitals that cater to medical tourists with bilingual staff and the latest equipment and medical technology.  Most surgical packages include post-op care at a luxurious recovery center and several sightseeing tours to local attractions, enabling patients to take in some of Costa Rica’s beautiful beaches, botanical gardens, and national parks.

Many of Costa Rica’s top physicians, surgeons and dentists received their medical training abroad – either in Europe or North America. Despite their high level of expertise, costs are still remarkably low – oftentimes 50 percent less than what you’d pay back at home.

Tips for your Dental Vacation

Before booking your Costa Rica vacation, it’s always wise to research your prospective doctor, consult past patient references and ask important questions.  Here are a few suggested queries:

– What qualifications does your doctor hold? Board-certification is essential.
– How many times has he or she performed the procedure you are requesting?
– What risks are associated with the surgery?
– What kind of post-operative care is offered?
– Does your package include sightseeing tours/airfare/accommodations/plus all hospital costs?
– For those who can’t afford the time or travel expense to Costa Rica and live close to the Mexico / US border, the Sani Dental Clinics in Los Algodones are members of the ADA (American Dental Association) and have an excellent reputation and reviews.

Manuel Antonio beaches Costa RicaBefore the Dental Part

Now you are coming to paradise so it would be a shame not to enjoy it first. Before you get any work done is most likely the best time to do your vacationing as depending on the procedure you might be in some discomfort. So what are some of the best areas to enjoy a Costa Rica Vacation.

One area we highly recommend is Manuel Antonio. This is a prime area because of how close it is to the Capital, San Jose is most likely where you will be getting any dental work done and Manuel Antonio is only 2 hours away. You will find amazing beaches, fun tours, national parks, and the majority of our amazing rental villas.

Another perfect spot is Guanacaste, this northern province has some of the best beaches in the country. Beaches like Playa Flamingo, Golfo de Papagayo, Tamarindo, and Samara.

So what are you waiting for? Reasonably priced world-class dentistry and literal paradise will be here when you come.