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70 years without an Army

No army in Costa RicaDecember 1st, 1948 was one of Costa Rica’s biggest accomplishments, that of abolishing its army. This one move brought an era of peace to Costa Rica that has lasted for over seventy years. Instead of pooling its extra resources into military Costa Rica has invested it in education, environment, and safety of its citizens. This all seems to have panned out well as we see Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America, has one of the highest literacy rates and, truly focusses on safeguarding the natural resources and animals found in the country.

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Celebrating 70 years

The celebration was commemorated at Plaza de la Democracia in San José, with the president Carlos Alvarado The Costa Rican president is quoted saying “It is with enormous honor and pride as a Costa Rican that I partake in this commemoration — one that is unique throughout the world,” Alvarado said. “My heart fills with joy and patriotic love for this country of ours. It is an occasion that unites us with our history and throughout generations.

Proud with no Military

Ticos are very proud to not have a military, they take pride in differencing themselves from other countries that have much higher violent tendencies. Since 1948 Costa Rica has not had any large internal conflicts. Where as if you look at other nations like Nicaragua, Guatemala El Salvador, and Mexico all of these have had large conflict including civil wars and mass rioting. Comparing Costa Rica to Nicaragua this past year we see that Nicaragua had a large problem for many months with riots and a large death toll. Whereas looking at Costa Rica this past year there were conflicts but on a much more peaceful scale and far from the brink of civil war. Looking now at Panama they have followed suit with Costa Rica and disbanded there military in 1996, causing an uprise in stability countrywide.

No Army
Growing the country

With it now coming upon 4 generations without an army, Costa Rica is adamant about continually making the country safe and strong for future generations. The country continues to fund projects like promoting the use of electric vehicles, using hydro dams, windmills, and other green ways to produce electricity. We also see not having a military has only benefited it, citizens, with better education, healthcare, and safety.

Protecting Costa Rica

Although not having the military does have one drawback. Who will protect the country if others try to take over? Maybe there isn’t military but there is a large police influence countrywide. In 1996 the police force was created for patrolling borders,  controlling the drug trade, and general law enforcement. This police force does a great job a busting drug trafficking and general enforcement of the law. Additionally, the united states military provides help when needed having a regular presence with the coast guard and will step in if a military conflict happens.

All of this has contributed to peace and happiness in Costa Rica, helping the small county to grow for the better.