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Touring Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition Opens in San Jose, Costa Rica

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Da Vinci: The Genius Exhibition opened on the 8th of July at the Old Aduana in Costa Rica’s capital San Jose, to a crowd of expectant enthusiasts.

If you are planning a Costa Rica vacation and are stopping by San Jose in July and August, then this thought-inspiring exposition about the world’s most famous visionary comes highly recommended.  This exhibit promises to be one of the most fascinating San Jose attractions to take place in 2011—an insight into the mind of a true genius.

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Leonardo Da Vinci – The Workings of a Beautiful Mind Come to San Jose, Costa Rica

Consisting of nine themed rooms, the fascinating exhibition showcases 64 replicas of machines combined with their meticulous sketches drawn by the masterfully-minded Da Vinci. These replicas were lovingly re-created by artisans from the renaissance capital of Florence, Italy.

Visitors to the exhibition can view a series of Da Vinci’s concepts that became an

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everyday reality many years later. Bicycles, cars, planes, bridges and musical instruments show that Da Vinci was not only a skilled artist but also an inventor, scientist and architect.


Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa Deconstructed in San Jose Exhibition

Another part of the Costa Rican Da Vinci exhibition reveals 25 secrets of the world famous portrait, the Mona Lisa, which hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.  The exhibition also displays a high definition recreation of the Last Supper.

Da Vinci’s drawings make up a total of 24,000 pages and include Da Vinci’s anatomical studies. They have been organized and catalogued to ensure their preservation. It took ten years to create this exhibition from Da Vinci’s sketches.

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Da Vinci: The Genius Exhibition runs from July 8th to August 13th at the Aduana Arts and Technology Center in Barrio Escalante, San Jose.

The exhibition has been displayed around the world, including Russia, Argentina, Hungary, England and the United States. Organizers in Costa Rica expect a strong attendance, at least 50,000 visitors to the Da Vinci – The Genius Exhibition.

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