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Hot Air Ballooning Over Arenal Volcano: A Costa Rica Adventure Tour of Epic Heights

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Want your vacation in Costa Rica to reach new heights? Then check out the truly unique hot air ballooning adventure tour near Arenal.

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This Costa Rica adventure tour is unlike any other, soaring high above the rainforest canopy of Arenal National Park. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to peacefully enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world by slowing drifting over Costa Rica’s verdant rainforests, glistening rivers and mountain villages.Experience what it’s really like to fly above the clouds with a romantic hot air ballooning adventure tour in Costa Rica!

This Arenal Volcano hot air ballooning tour departs at sunrise, allowing sightseers to take in one of the most beautiful times of day in la Fortuna. Weather permitting, you’ll be able to see the eruptions of the active Arenal Volcano. As you glide past the rainforest canopy you’ll witness an abundance of Costa Rica wildlife, including birds of prey and monkeys jumping through the trees.

After more than an hour in flight, it’s time to get ready for landing as the pilot guides the hot air balloon into descent through the frothy clouds. Landing can be a bit bumpy, so make sure to hold on tight.

Make your family vacation in Costa Rica an unforgettable one and reach for the sky by taking the hot air ballooning tour over Arenal.  If you‘ve been on one too many canopy tours, then this adventure tour in la Fortuna is just for you!

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Expect this Costa Rica adventure tour to last half a day; the hot air balloon departs at 5 a.m. and the tour ends at around 9.30 a.m. A full day hot air balloon charter can be booked for groups of up to five people and includes breakfast, lunch and a round trip transfer from hotels in the La Fortuna area.

Only experienced and Civil Aviation Organization licensed pilots operate the hot air balloons on this Costa Rica adventure tour. Hot air balloons are maintained and rigorously inspected prior to each flight, checks and repairs are carried out in accordance with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

Hot air ballooning in Costa Rica is not suitable for children under 5 years of age or any person who cannot climb over the edge of the basket, which stands at 3ft. While landing in a hot air balloon can be the most fun part, its important that you are able to hold on as the basket can tip on landing.

The Costa Rica Hot Air Balloon adventure takes off from San Carlos, approximately 20 miles east of Arenal Volcano.
Its advisable to wear long pants, waterproof shoes, and a hat. Apply plenty of sun block, but you can leave your jacket at home.

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