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Costa Rica: Good for Your Health


Costa Rica Health Jogging on the Beach
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The popular vacation destination Costa Rica has actually been proven to be good for your health and stress levels. When was the last time you told someone you “went away for your health”? Nowadays, many vacations and cruises are so crammed with noises, activities and things to do that you can barely hear yourself think. Isn’t time you treated yourself to a relaxing and healthy vacation to the paradise destination of Costa Rica?!

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The average life expectancy in Costa Rica is an astounding 80 years of age. Locals are less rushed, less stressed, and most importantly, very healthy. Most Costa Ricans lead active lifestyles, eat wholesome natural diets, and soak up the sunshine (which means more healthy vitamin D). Costa Rican health really can be attributed to a pure life.

So how can you grab a piece of this health for yourself? By visiting, of course! Really take a vacation for your health and truly relax. Costa Rica is a hot spot for leisure activities and pampering spa services sure to lower your stress levels.

In Costa Rica yoga is one of the premier activities for tourists. Whether you are just beginning to learn your “down dogs” or are a practiced yogi looking for a Costa Rica yoga retreat, you can find the right yoga class in Costa Rica. Exercise your peace of mind, exercise your body, and let that stress melt away while surrounded by the beauty of the rainforest, mountains and pristine beaches.

Of course, if yoga just isn’t your thing, there are numerous Costa Rica spas that can help you relax and de-stress. Get pampered with a glorious ocean view massage and let your tension go.

Other stress-reducing aspects of Costa Rica life can be enjoyed free of charge. The warmer temperatures are good forCosta Rica Yoga Retreat your health, and can also tempt you out the door to more physical, healthful activities. Simply taking a stroll along the beach each evening can lower your stress levels and help you build muscle. Another delicious factor is the fresh produce available here! Sure, you can eat junk food if you want to, but the juicy pineapples, mangos, avocados, tomatoes, and other fruits and veggies  might convince you to try a healthier (and tastier) diet.

Costa Rica is truly a wonder. With lush jungles, frothy palm trees, beautiful beaches, and all that sunshine, how could you ever be stressed? Come visit Costa Rica, where quite a few people live to be one hundred, and take a little of that Costa Rica health home with you.